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Aug. 30th, 2011

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I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I found out over the weekend(shortly after we were told we had to evacuate NYC) that I didn't get the job that I desperatly needed to get in order to pay my rent. So, now I have pulled another $1,000 out of my savings account to pay my September rent and buy myself a bunch of non-perishable food items so I won't go hungry over the next month.

Aug. 24th, 2011

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Well, daddy and I leave for New York tomorrow afternoon. Today I spend the day cleaning my apartment, packing, cleaning out my car, and then I have to go by the theatre to drop of my dad's recycling, all in time to run by the post office to pick up the package that apparently won't fit in my mailbox on my way to Georgetown at 6:30 this evening. Not a whole lot of time to do everything I need to do. I need to get started on all of this, but I'm tired and I'm not even sure where I should begin.

I started with laundry. And it got me on a roll. I started the washing machine, then unloaded, reloaded and started the dishwasher. Then, with the stove and counter cleared of dirty pots and pans and other dishes, I cleaned the counter(all 18 inches of it) and the stovetop. I sprayed the tub and the sink with Scrubbing Bubbles, and vacuumed and wet Swiffered the bathroom and kitchen while I waited for the bubbles to scrub. Rinsed the tub and sink, picked up the rest of my dirty laundry and took the trash to the shute. Now I'm taking a short break to decide on lunch.


Laundry is dry. Dishes are done(now I just have to put them away...again). I finally got rid of my moving boxes. AND the main room is vacuumed. Yay! May apartment is clean...for the first time since I moved in. Now, it is time for a nap before my busy-busy evening.

Aug. 22nd, 2011

Is it bad...

...that I've all ready started thinking about Christmas gifts? Well, I mean, for Trey. Short story: Trey mentioned on Friday that he would love to have a Nook. So I started thinking about how I could make that happen.

Long StoryCollapse )</p>

I thought that maybe it would make a GREAT anniversary gift...but that's only two months away. So, I've been looking at the prices and covers and such. If I get him the 2nd edition Nook, with the extended warranty and a nice cover, it will cost about $250. In order to pay for that by his birthday, I would have to pull $21 from every paycheck. I'll only be able to do this if I get the second job that I am interviewing for Tuesday morning. To get it by Christmas, I'd only have to siphon about $16 from each paycheck. Anyone have any advice? I just can't decide if I should do this one big gift for Trey, or do very small but nice things on our anniversary, his birthday, and Christmas. Anyone?

Aug. 4th, 2011

(no subject)

 Tomorrow is my first day of real work. Sort of. I start my actual training at Barnes&Noble. I'm pretty sure I will go in to the store, put my stuff in a locker, clock-in, then find my manager so I can start training. I'm really excited about my new job, but I'm also absolutely petrified. I really don't want to screw up...the last thing I want is for them to second guess their choice to hire me.

Aug. 1st, 2011


 Well, good news everyone: I just got a phone call from one of the manager's at Barnes&Noble, and I was offered a part-time job as both a bookseller and a barista in the Starbucks inside. My orientation is Wednesday evening at 5, and it'll take about 3 hours, but that's just fine. I'm just excited to not be unemployed anymore. Even if it is only part-time.

In OTHER news, I'm going to be calling an attorney here in Lexington this afternoon because, according to an acquaintance of mine, she is looking for a personal assistant of sorts for roughly 10-15 hours every week. If its true, and I get the position, I'd be working just a few blocks from where I live, so I could walk there. I would probably be working when she is in court on Mondays, and a couple other days a week, answering the phone, taking messages, that kind of stuff. Simple enough, and it would be a nice change between a retail job and the assistant position so I wouldn't get bored with my routine.

Well, that's it. Really was just a quick employment update. Now I need to go pay my rent and complain about EVERYTHING in my apartment being broken.

Writer's Block: It’s a small world

Where is your happiest place on earth?

Honestly, and as cheesy as it will sound, my happiest place on earth is anywhere with Trey. I mean, its super-duper happy if we're at the beach or somewhere special, but just sitting on the couch is a time of happiness for me. He came to see me this weekend, and I was perfectly content, laying with my head on his chest, his arm around my waist, watching tv. That's the happiest place for me.

Jul. 28th, 2011

(no subject)

 As of yesterday evening, I am officially unemployed. Its kind of freeing, knowing that I can throw away my tattered work pants...I've needed a new pair of black slacks for about a year, but have never made enough money to buy a pair I liked...I wish you could have seen them: the hems were safety pinned all the way around my ankles, and the constantly smelled liked Alfredo sauce, garlic butter, and cleaning solution. Yeah....ew. But I do look forward to dropping them down my garbage shute, along with my black server book, my name tags, and my tie (which was also covered in various sauces and cleaning solutions). I won't drop my white Oxford shirts or my no-skid shoes just yet...in case I end up still serving and need either of them...they're even more pricey than the pants.

Still waiting to hear from B&N...no postcard in the mail today, though. Good sign, or am I just hanging out in post-interview limbo?

My fridge is fixed!! Yay! The repair guy ordered a new ice maker for me...apparently the whole thing was effed up and cracked, so he'll be replacing it as soon as the new one comes in, which will be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. But it isn't leaking anymore, and the carpet in the corner is almost dry, so by the end of the weekend, I will be completely moved in to my new place, I swear it. I hope to take pictures of the new decor this weekend and get them posted on Facebook by middle of next week. The place won't be painted...still not sure I'll actually be painting in the end, but we'll see. I may talk to someone in the paint section of Lowe's and see what they suggest.

In other news, I get my car back tomorrow. Its been in the shop since Monday morning, and is now all fixed up and ready to come home. The only problem? The repairs are costing me $3,100...well, $3,098 to be exact. I'm not sure what exactly was wrong with it...I know nothing about cars, especially when the information has gone from the repair people to my dad to me. Dad knows only a little more than I do, so I'm sure the information he sent along to me was garbled. But anywho...Trey is coming up from Richmond tomorrow and he's gonna take me to the dealership so I can fork over half of my savings to get my baby back. Yippee.

Jul. 26th, 2011

Momentary Ranting

 Feel free to ignore this...its just a rant of things that are currently bugging me.

There is an ice flow in my freezer. Last weekend, when I moved in to my new apartment, I made a walk-through of my apartment and made a maintenance request to fix my fridge and freezer(my fridge wasn't cold and the ice maker was leaking). They came in, and then the fridge was cold. I didn't even think about the ice maker, since the fridge was finally chilling the water in my pitcher (I won't drink water unless its really cold, and I actually hate using ice). Well, Trey and I opened the freezer Sunday night to discover a massive ice flow covering half of my freezer. Then, while I was finally getting around to unpacking my books and putting the shelves into my bookcases, only to discover that my carpet in the corner near the fridge is SOAKED. The water damaged one of my bookcases and all of the shelves to both of them. I put in a maintenance request yesterday just after lunch, and no one has come by yet.

On top of that, I haven't heard back about my interview at Barnes&Noble yet. I'm hoping that doesn't mean I will be finding a postcard in my mailbox in the next two weeks. I mean, my interview was only a week ago, and they said we would get a phone call if they decided to hire us as soon as they heard back from our references. My references are all people I trust and I feel like they would have replied to whatever the managers at Barnes&Noble were wanting by now. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see. But I really need a job. As of tomorrow, I am unemployed. 

Jun. 23rd, 2011

(no subject)

Well, I have a new apartment. I pay my first month's rent and pick up the keys on the 8th. I'm excited. Its a studio apartment, so its really small, but it has a washer and dryer, and its right in downtown Lexington. Now I just have to find a job in Lexington. I can't wait to move in to my new place...like I said, its very small, but I really liked it, and if I can find a job, I think I will absolutely love living in Lexington. I will be right downtown, right on Main Street, and my apartment's balcony looks right over the public library. I am going to read SO MANY BOOKS. I'll try to get pictures to post once I've moved in and decorated. Lindsey, do you have any suggestions? You're slightly more decoratively inclined than I am...Haha.

Some friends of mine were wanting me to move in with them to help cut the costs of the three-bedroom place they found. I HAD said yes, but we had a conversation the other day in which I told them that I was going to be looking into a place on my own, since I have been living alone for a year, and I don't know how well I would adapt to living with other people again, especially now that I have a cat. AND when I saw the place they were moving into, I discovered how tiny my bedroom was going to be. I wouldn't have a problem with it, if it weren't for the fact that they recently got a dog. My cat Phineas does well with other animals, but I would be forced to keep Phin locked in my room at all times until he and the dog could get along for sure. There's no space in that bedroom for my stuff and ALL of the cat's stuff. Not to mention the fact that I have all of my living room and dining room furniture that was going to be moved into the apartment...BUUUUUUT, they bought all new furniture, so now there's no room for what I've got. *rolls eyes* Anywho, the main point here is that I told them I wasn't going to be moving in with them, which they KNEW was a possibility, but now they are all pissed and aren't speaking to me. Whatever.

Jun. 20th, 2011

(no subject)

 Our trip was good, and it ended just as Trey and I got sick of Tony and Hilary and their constantly all-over-each-other-ness. Hilary kept flipping out every time Tony wasn't wearing his spare wedding band. It was a size and a half too small and made his finger swell every time he wore it...and it wasn't even his ACTUAL wedding band. Trey and I wanted to punch her each time we heard Hil whine, "You aren't wearing your ring?!" I mean, they've been married for about a month. If I were Hil, I wouldn't have even taken my wedding band and engagement ring on the trip...that's just asking for disaster. Especially considering she LOST her original engagement ring. She's such a fucking putz, and Tony coddles her as if she were mentally handicapped. Oh well. I'm done ranting about them. I don't have to see them again for quite a while, and I'm going to take advantage of our lack of contact.

Daddy and I are having lunch Thursday, and I'm going to talk to him about potentially moving back in to his place. It will really come down to whether or not he'll let me bring my cat. Phineas is only a year old, and I've had him since he was four months old, and he is just sooo completely dependent on me. I wouldn't know what to do with him if I couldn't take him with me. He did all right this passed week with Trey's mom, but I'm not sure he would adapt to a long-term or permanent separation. And I know that I couldn't do it. I went a year and a half without a cat, and now that I finally have one again, I know that I can't give him up. 

Okay....I just need to rant for one more second: I checked my schedule Saturday night while we were in the car, and I was only scheduled for two shifts this week....Wednesday dinner and Thursday dinner. And I don't go in until 5:30. We close at 10. At most, I'll make $50 each night. I'm not sure how I'm going to pay my rent next month with only two shifts this week, and only one week after that. But here's the actual ranty part of this paragraph...I rechecked my schedule this morning because I couldn't remember if I worked Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday. Well, when I got logged in to the website, I discovered that I had an additional shift on my schedule...Yay. Except not. The added shift is for 8:30am on Saturday. We don't open until 11. And my availability says that I CANNOT work Saturdays or Sundays. Wtf?! I'm hoping that the manager who makes the servers' schedules will be working either Wednesday or Thursday so I can ask her what is up with my 8:30 in-time on a day that she knows I can't work...So, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll be able to figure it out. I mean, it kind of has me worried, 'cause training sessions start at 8:30 (though those are usually during the week...they train Monday-Friday, then start work on their first actual available day). Saturday is the day before my 1-year anniversary of working at OG, so it might be a meeting for 12-month reviews, but why couldn't it wait until Monday, when I'm actually available to work? Here's to hoping that Kelli works so I can get things figured out.

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